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Live@ISE2016 | Michael Pullan: Welcome to Panasonic Live at ISE 2016

Panasonic Live @ ISE offers you the chance to see the very latest ground-breaking Panasonic Visual Solutions from the comfort of your own laptop. Here’s a sneak peak of what we’ve got in stall. Don’t forget if you are coming to ISE this week to drop by the Panasonic booth H20 right in the middle of Hall 1. And join us again at 1pm CET. Remember the projection mapped Tesla from last year, well we’ve gone one better this year, we’ll be unveiling the showstopper next on Panasonic Live @ISE.


    Witness the laser revolut…

    Witness the laser revolution and the way forward in open system for content management We are going bigger and better at ISE 2016 with our biggest ever booth and more visual applications on show than ever before. The main highlight this year sees Panasonic demonstrate its leading position in laser projection and preview a complete range of lamp-free technology from 5000 to 28 000 lumens, designed for the most unforgettable events. For professional displays, Panasonic is using ISE to introduce its new System on Chip solution, the Openport PLATFORM™. Based on standard Android architecture, it enables any third party software, especially Content Management Systems to be installed without any specific development. Panasonic is also exhibiting its end-to-end line up of displays and projectors along with professional video cameras and AV software products. These industry leading products are all combined, bringing to life real-world applications such as rental and staging events, 3D video mapping, public displays, and corporate and education settings.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Thorsten Prsbyl - Open Port Display

    Panasonic is providing it…

    Panasonic is providing its own app server with Panasonic tested and approved signage apps and currently several Signage software vendors are already certified. The AF1 series are high quality displays, available in 42”, 49”, and 55” panels, and make sure that everything that you need to operate them is already included.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Oriol Massague talks about the Space Player

    The Space Player is a new…

    The Space Player is a new hybrid lighting solution, which combines the functions of traditional lighting and video projectors in a single spotlight-shaped design. What’s great is that it attaches to standard lighting rail via a single cable, so it’s super easy to install and relocate. for more information please click here:
  • Live@ISE2016 | Sarah Cox on how d3 supports our 4 x 4K curved edge-blending projection

    We’ve got a curved screen…

    We’ve got a curved screen on which we’re delivering edge blended content from four 4K Panasonic projectors. The demonstration is designed, sequenced and controlled through d3 on a 4×4 pro media server, which can output a 16K canvas in a variety of video signals.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Jaume Miro introduces the Broadcast Solutions at ISE

    On the booth we have our …

    On the booth we have our 4K Live production system, which includes 3 of our remote cameras. We’ve also brought along a 4K monitor, controllers and switchers too.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Jan Markus Jahn talking about the state of the industry

    Jan Markus Jahn tells Pan…

    Jan Markus Jahn tells Panasonic Live@ISE2016 about his thoughts on the show so far, how laser projection is changing the industry and the challenges that the industry faces in the years to come.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Till Schreier explains the robotics behind our showstopper

    Adding motion to stage de…

    Adding motion to stage design and scenery creation is the next big trend. Bon Jovi have taken robot screens on their The Circle World Tour to create a metamorphic stage, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines have built a stunning theatrical show around moving screens and projection installed by Amptown systems into two of its latest cruise ships. Now Panasonic is showing a stunning setup incl. 4K screens and 3-Chip DLP projectors. The set includes three TH-98LQ70 which are robust enough to cope with the robots movement thanks to their aluminium back frame design. DS12K projectors integrated into the stage floor illuminate the stage backdrop, without casting shadows thanks to the LE90 ultra short throw lens technology. Robot applications, like this are becoming more accessible for every event, thanks to companies like XPION and its RobEX package.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Ben Mitchell on Panasonic´s auto-calibration technology

    Ben Mitchell on how to bl…

    Ben Mitchell on how to blend four 10,000 lumen 4K projectors using Panasonic auto-calibration technology
  • Live@ISE2016 | Paul Osborn introducing lecture capture specialists Panopto

    There’s been a huge trend…

    There’s been a huge trend in the education sector towards using video to support student learning. Because of the enormous growth in mobile devices, there’s an ever-greater need for universities and colleges to offer learning resources that students can access whenever, wherever – whatever device they’re using. Visitors to the Panasonic booth will see how lecture capture and video management systems are used in conjunction with a Panasonic professional displays, projectors and remote cameras. This is the first Panasonic supported 100% operator free lecture capture system, because of the auto-tracking camera. This kind of combination of hardware and software is critical in creating a positive user experience.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Valerie Poret introducing B2B Partner Programme

    As one of the world’s big…

    As one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, Panasonic is absolutely reliant on its partners to take what we make and put it in front of our customers. This year at ISE, Panasonic is inviting its partners to sign up to a new online portal. We launched our new B2B Partner Portal, to cover more products and make it easier for distributors and resellers to access customer facing information and also to register new business. It is open to clients Europe wide and gives access to the latest product information, sales news and business incentives, with rewards scaled according to the level of partnership. More information:
  • Live@ISE2016 | Tony Molloy presents RZ970 and RZ570 SSI projector

    Panasonic laser projector…

    Panasonic laser projectors are perfect for higher education. Projectors tend to be in use across the day and there is no maintenance requirement, so you’re not going to lose projection in the middle of an important lecture.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Enrique Robledo presents shop front display and video wall solutions

    Projection has a great fu…

    Projection has a great future in retail, it’s now possible to run a projector all day every day for seven years without exchanging lamps or cleaning filters, so projection is becoming as cost effective and reliable as other visual displays.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Ian Woozley presents Light ID

    Light ID’s a technology d…

    Light ID’s a technology developed by Panasonic which allows to transmit data through the modulation of the light emitted by, virtually any illuminated device. The easiest way to describe it is that Light IDs are like barcodes or QR codes written in light.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Hartmut Kulessa presents the RZ31K 28,000 lumens projector

    We think the RZ31K will b…

    We think the RZ31K will be the new working horse of the rental industry. It will provide a better cost structure and performance to live events. The maintenance free concept optimizes the service processes before and after a job, the robustness of the projector reduces the need for redundancy leading to less kit to be deployed and the rich colour and stable brightness of the laser renders a better picture quality. This is sure to go down well with event production teams, as projections stacks will become smaller and less complicated than in the past, saving time and money.
  • Live@ISE2016 | Michael Pullan introducing the showstopper

    We are combining Panasoni…

    We are combining Panasonic’s industry leading projectors and some industry grade robots to create a truly engaging audience experience in collaboration with Xpion, tree10 and IBG. Each robot is armed with an 98-inch 4K display and there are three 12,000 lumen projectors creating the backdrop. As you can see it is creating quite an impression.
  • ISE 2016 showstopper | complete show

    Panasonic was showing a s…

    Panasonic was showing a stunning setup incl. 4K screens and 3-Chip DLP projectors at ISE 2016 in collaboration with Xpion, tree10 and IBG. The set includes three TH-98LQ70 which are robust enough to cope with the robots movement thanks to their aluminium back frame design. DS12K projectors integrated into the stage floor illuminate the stage backdrop, without casting shadows thanks to the LE90 ultra short throw lens technology. Robot applications, like this are becoming more accessible for every event, thanks to companies like XPION and its RobEX package.

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Panasonic ha anunciado hoy (martes, 7 de febrero de 2017) el lanzamiento de un nuevo proyector láser de 20 000 lúmenes, compañero del modelo PT-DZ21K, el proyector de alto brillo más vendido en Europa.

Panasonic presenta en el ISE 2017 una renovada gama de proyectores portátiles

Panasonic ha anunciado hoy (7 de febrero de 2016) una gama de proyectores portátiles ligeros, intuitivos y de alto brillo dirigidos al entorno corporativo y el sector de la educación en el ISE217 en Ámsterdam.

Panasonic LinkRay hace realidad la transmisión de datos a través de la luz

Esta innovadora plataforma, que permite transmitir datos a través de la luz, ha sido presentada en el ISE 2016 y se lanzará a la venta este año.

Panasonic presenta en el ISE 2017 la nueva serie de pantallas E-LED

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Panasonic lanza un modelo para vídeowall 4K

Panasonic tiene previsto lanzar una nueva gama de videowall LCD, la serie LFV8, con capacidad para proyectar imágenes 4K en una configuración de tipo 2x2 y superior a través de DisplayPort.

Panasonic lanza un monitor interactivo asequible

Panasonic tiene previsto presentar dos nuevas pantallas de panel táctil que prometen abaratar la comunicación a través de pizarras digitales en el entorno corporativo y del sector de la educación.

Panasonic lanza el sucesor láser del proyector insignia del sector

Panasonic tiene previsto lanzar en el ISE 2017 un nuevo proyector de 20 000 lúmenes, el compañero basado en fuente de luz láser del PT-DZ21K, el modelo de alto brillo más vendido de Europa.

Panasonic renueva su gama de proyectores de lente corta

Panasonic ha anunciado dos nuevas series de proyectores portátiles, incluida una nueva gama de corta distancia, que ofrece mayor vida útil y brillo, así como capacidad para encenderse y funcionar en escuelas y salas de reuniones.

Panasonic refuerza la gama de cartelería digital

Panasonic se ha propuesto expandir su categoría de señalización digital en red con el lanzamiento de una pantalla de 65" antes del ISE del próximo mes.

Panasonic intensifica su apuesta por los proyectores láser para los eventos en directo en el ISE 2017

Panasonic lanzará un nuevo proyector de 20 000 lúmenes en el ISE 2017, como sustitución del modelo PT-DZ21K, el proyector de alto brillo más vendido de Europa.

Panasonic aumenta el brillo de su proyector de iluminación híbrido

El proyector de iluminación híbrido de Panasonic Space Player™ se ha actualizado con un nuevo gestor de contenido y mejor brillo.

Panasonic y Atlona se unen para crear una solución dedicada a la salas de reuniones

Las pantallas profesionales de Panasonic están ahora disponibles como parte de un sencillo paquete de solución para salas de reuniones gracias a una asociación con la compañía de conectividad audiovisual líder Altona.

Panasonic se impone en la competición de proyección láser de Pure AV
Panasonic lanza su proyector láser más brillante para grandes espacios

Panasonic ha presentado un proyector de fósforo láser SOLID SHINE de 31 000 lúmenes, diseñado específicamente para grandes espacios.

Nuevo proyector de Panasonic que no requiere mantenimiento durante 10 años

Panasonic ha lanzado un nuevo proyector láser de corta distancia para aplicaciones de sala de control que ofrece un servicio extendido de 10 años.


Panasonic ha ampliado su gama de pantallas dirigidas a cartelería con el lanzamiento de la serie EF1, que añade dispositivos de 32, 75 y 84" a la serie LFE8, presentada en el ISE de 2015.