Camerimage Film Festival 2018

Event Date: 
10 November 2018 to 17 November 2018


Europe's leading festival of cinematography, Camerimage, will run its 26th edition  in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

We are honored to be the sponsor of the festival once again and support high standards achieved by the cinematographers around the world.

At the Camerimage exhibition area in the Opera Nova we will be having the Varicam Pure on display for festival attendees to get hands-on with the camera, that was used for Warner Brosromantic-Drama film Crazy Rich Asians by cinematographer Vanja Černjul ASC, HFC. The camera was designed by both Panasonic and Codex to capture the highest quality images in 4K RAW at up to 120fps via using Codex’s industry-standard Production Suite workflow.

The compact and lightweight 5.7K EVA1 which can now output 5.7K ProRes Raw to Atomos Shogun Inferno will be shown at the stand and available for hands-on session.

Together with our partners and industry-best creative professionals including well-known cinematographers and directors we will be holding the below master class during the festival which will be publicly accessible with festival badge:


Varicam Experience | Crazy Rich Asians, Warner Bros feature

Vanja Černjul, ASC, HFS Award winning cinematographer for “Marco Polo”, Orange is The New Black, The Deuce


Tuesday;  13.11.2018  


18:30 h  


MCK - Orzel Cinema ul. Marcinkowskiego 12 | 85-056 Bydgoszcz



During the masterclass Černjul will speak about his latest work on Crazy Rich Asians and the Deuce series. During the masterclass, there will be an exclusive opportunity to watch the special screening of Crazy Rich Asians. 

Vanja Černjul discovered the VariCam while working on the HBO series The Deuce, which he shot with VariCam 35s. On The Deuce, Černjul was impressed with the VariCam’s performance on high ISO settings which were going to help him for the series’ low-light shooting style. “After that experience, I knew VariCam was the right tool for the challenges of Crazy Rich Asians because of its versatility and robustness, especially with the Codex VRAW2 recorder for VariCam Pure,” says Černjul. “The option of capturing the film in 4K VRAW on a sensor I trusted and knew well made this choice a no brainer.” For desirable anamorphic look, cinematographer used Hawk 1.3x anamorphic lenses thanks to the flexibility of variable focal length, anamorphic flavor and extremely close focus capability in a very small package.