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Casos de éxito

En Panasonic, creemos que dando a nuestros clientes la libertad de expresar sus experiencias sobre el uso de nuestra tecnología es la mejor manera de compartir nuestras historias. Por eso, queremos que nuestros casos de éxito reflejen la mayor distinción posible. Si quiere descubrir cómo Panasonic ha dado a nuestros clientes la libertad de elegir cómo utilizar mejor  nuestras tecnologías.  

Categoría: Communication platforms
Sector: Healthcare, Medical Practices, Hospitals, Other Healthcare
Panasonic and Premier Choice Telecom get a clean bill of health from GP practices.
Categoría: Communication platforms
Sector: Education, University & College, Primary Education, Professional Education & Training
Bosworth Academy upgrades phone systems with Panasonic and MPS Communications.
Categoría: Communication platforms
Sector: Retail
Yorkshire based partner Local Telecom Service completes another successful installation of Panasonic PBX system in Käthe Wohlfahrt's first UK outlet in York.
Categoría: Communication platforms
Sector: Services, Transport & Logistics
You have probably heard the old saying: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” A great philosophy to follow in many aspects of life, especially when it comes to customer service. Like it or not, your phone system is your direct route to your customers, as it plays a crucial part of giving that first impression and providing the right customer service, at the highest quality. Installing a new modern IP driven PBX phone system has led to a much better customer service and higher productivity for the company Kung Markatta. 
Categoría: Business SIP systems, Communication platforms
Sector: Automotive, , Retail
Jaszpol invests in a new communication system across it's car dealership network in Poland.