Casos de Éxito

Vea cómo se han empleado las soluciones de seguridad de Panasonic en la industria de CCTV y videovigilancia. Lea y descargue nuestros últimos estudios de casos a continuación.

Fan safety enhanced through innovative use of Panasonic’s facial recognition and security camera solutions at Brøndby football club’s family friendly stadium.
Categoría: CCTV
Sector: Europe, Transport & Logistics
Installing a roll out of Panasonic security technology across the majority of Hermes UK warehouses to improve parcel processing and maintain customer reputations
Challenge: improve security for inhabitants and visitors of Nitra Solution while combining rotating and static IP cameras with HD and full HD video resolution
As part of a major renovation, the housing association Korskærparken in Fredericia, Denmark, updated and optimised their video surveillance system, creating a greater sense of security for residents.