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The Toughmate FZ-N1 T-Strap is considered the "better" option when considering good, better and best options among our Toughmate F1 hand straps. The "better" represents high quality, ergonomics and a lower price point. The T-Strap has an adjustable elastic strap that keeps the TOUGHBOOK N1 device secure in-hand while on the job. The symmetrical orientation design works great for both left and right handed users. This FZ-N1 T-Strap accommodates the TOUGHBOOK FZ-F1/N1. This product has passed the appropriate tests to qualify for the TOUGHBOOK Certified Status.

Especificación Completa

Peso 23 g / 0.8 oz
Garantía 12 months
Dimensions 57 x 114 x 13 mm / 2.25 X 4.5 X 0.5"
Compatibility TOUGHBOOK N1 only