Retail Systems Awards 2018 puts store in Panasonic’s retail solutions

Panasonic Business has been awarded In-Store Technology of the Year for its Automated Shelf Monitoring Solution at the Retail Systems Awards 2018.


Automated Shelf Monitoring is co-developed by SES-imagotag and Panasonic’s Retail Strategic Business Unit. The innovation is a combination of CCTV, smart geolocated digital price tag and video analytics. All of the elements working together provide real-time automated out of stock detection, reducing potential stock outs, and the associated loss in revenue.


The real time out of stock detection system identifies empty areas in shelves and sends notifications to the store team with information on what stock has to be refilled, indicating the priority. This enables businesses to invest the saved time and resource in different areas, such as customer service.


“We believe that greater digitalisation and automation in-store can significantly improve operational efficiency and customer engagement,” says Rachel Hinde-Harris, Retail Solutions Marketing Manager. “We continue to drive excellence and deliver innovative solutions which can improve the lives of retail professionals. We are committed to becoming an indispensable technology partner for our retail customers.”


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